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On's new business luminaries-authored blog, ("Playas"? Really?), everyone's favorite tyrannical movie mogul Harvey Weinstein gets some stuff off his chest. You might be surprised—disturbed, even—to hear that while he is tirelessly dedicated in his efforts to get people to appreciate profound, important indie films, all the goddamn media cares about is promoting crappy blockbusters and writing about "the youngest young starlet."

Independent films still are the underdog, and I've been fighting for years to get them seen by audiences. People have been entertained, they've escaped the heat and reality in movie theaters, but have they been impassioned by a movie this summer? Have they talked about it long after it ended because it left them seeing something in a different way or questioning reality?

Never fear, though, because Harvey says he and his brother Bob won't give up their fight, but will continue "to take risks on the little-known screenwriter with great vision and challenge the status quo of the entertainment industry." Where would we be without such noble sacrifice?