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Tudors star and full frontal nudity club member Jonathan Rhys Meyers seems to have followed that old dictum: when in China, do as the Chinese do. Even when it means eating a hearty meal of juicy dog meat. As Radha Mitchell, his co-star in The Children Of Huang Sui, bloopered to reporters:

Jonathan did the dog's meat. We were in some restaurant and there was dog meat on the menu and there was someone next to us just sitting there with their Chihuahua in a handbag. I was thinking, 'That could've been dessert.’

And naturally, PETA has taken the opportunity to sharpen their celebrity-hating claws once again.

Radha's comments were immediately jumped on by everyone's favorite group of anti-people, pro-animal activists. As one PETA spokesperson has said, "Chickens and cows may not be as cute and cuddly as puppies, but when it comes to their ability to feel pain and suffer, they are no different from animals people call pets." Though we actually find cows incredibly cute, if not cuddly, we still find it hard to stomach the image of our beloved Jonathan eating dog while seated next to a dog. Did the chihuahua use the go-to Puppy Eyes on him?