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As we combed through your touching condolences in the comments section under the post noting that Jodie Foster may have left longtime companion Cydney for Tell Me You Love Me showrunner Cynthia Mort, we came across one remark in particular that, while admittedly just a rumor, seemed to us intriguing enough a possibility to float among you, the all-knowing Defamer readership. It read:

Where I work I heard a rumor about Jodie's new gf. It's not Cynthia Mort. Allegedly it's a 20something year old agent at Endeavor. Anyone else hear this?

Could the enduring star and glass-panic-room-dweller have found love in the assistant-lined halls of Endeavor, right beneath the approvingly paternal gaze of agent-swap mascot Ari Emanuel (whom we've outfitted with a stylish-yet- easy-to -manage hairdo and sassy new attitude to befit the occasion)? Our lines our open.