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Business can't be going well for Betty Beauty, the line of pubic hair dye created by Nancy Jarecki, the socialite wife of Moviephone creator Andrew Jarecki. Last year, Jarecki's company earned fawning coverage from Vanity Fair and was advertising in some of the most upscale salons in town. Now Betty Beauty is advertising inside subway cars, right alongside those ubiquitous ads for Dr. Zizmor and Spanish-speaking personal injury attorneys. Jarecki says her company is paying $10,000 for 50 underground ads featuring euphemistic taglines and no mention of what the product is actually used for. So why the new marketing approach? You can blame the tough economy (pink pubic hair dye is always to first to go!) or the omnipresent Brazilian waxing trend (does anyone have any public hair left to dye?). But you can blame Nancy herself when that creepy guy on the 6 starts asking whether your carpet matches the drapes.