It’s a rare day at Defamer HQ when we receive a denial from an A-lister’s publicist that actually makes us fall in love with them a little. Referring to our post last week suggesting Nicole Kidman may be posing nude and pregnant for a major glossy magazine cover (à la Demi Moore), we received the following note in our inbox from her rep, Catherine Olim of PMK: “Nicole is amused at this story, but it is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. She is not posing nude for any magazines, has not done so, will not be doing so, pregnant or otherwise. Heaven only knows where this came from! Seriously. Do quote me.” And quote you, we will. Our apologies, we should've never assumed that Nicole Kidman would drop trou for anyone other than Stanley Kubrick. Or Steven Shainberg. Or Jonathan Glazer. Or Anthony Minghella. We could keep going, but that's what Mr. Skin is for. [Defamer]