IAC's Barry Diller has just explained-to the audience at the Wall Street Journal's D Conference-the breakdown of his relationship with the internet conglomerate's biggest shareholder, evil John Malone's Liberty Media. Paid Content was taking notes. Diller's metaphor? "Partnerships are marriages without the stuff." Oops, Freudian slip!

Those words could so easily be used to describe the former studio head's marriage blanc to fashion designer and longtime friend Diane von Furstenberg. Diller's widely known to be gay; a former boy-toy even wrote a lightly-veiled account of his two-year relationship with a tycoon nicknamed 'Bear' who sounds much like Diller; and his for-show relationship with Diane von Furstenberg has long been the subject of amusement among Hollywood insiders.

Here's just one tale that makes the rounds. At Ed Limato's pre-Oscar party, Barry and Diane (who had just recently tied the knot with a lot of eyerolling from those attending) were hanging out. People were sitting with comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short. Short noticed Barry was there with his bride, and said, "Isn't it a shame that Barry and Diane feel they have to be here swanning and glad-handing for political reasons when they could be at home doing it?"