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After decades of cultivating poshness, eurotrashy jeweler Cartier has joined the modern age with a MySpace page! It doesn't have too many friends yet—3,800 or so—but it shouldn't be embarrassed. Being an "exclusive" brand means weeding out a lot of the hoi polloi. According to the Times, people, for example, "whose photos show them guzzling a beer at a party" won't be approved. Good call. But for some reason this rigorous selection process has failed to weed out Good Charlotte, whose lead singer and guitarist are sleeping with Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton, a significantly grubbier association than "guzzling" beer, no? Don't be put off from trying to join this elite club, though: It's full of fascinating people who leave messages about their mom wearing Paris de Cartier—which, frankly, is a far more powerful marketing tool than any glossy ad campaign or sponsored polo match in St. Moritz. Right?