We have watched this clip three times and, frankly, we are still unsure as to how to properly contextualize what you are about to see. Let's just say that it involves Molly McAleer, a box of Hostess cupcakes and the dulcet tones of Adam Duritz (and, most likely, the spirit of Takeru Kobayashi). To say any more would be to spoil what has to be one of the strangest episodes of Defamer To Do's since its inception earlier this month. Enjoy!

· Jamie Lidell at The El Rey.
· REM at the Hollywood Bowl.
· Ladytron at the Henry Fonda Theater.
· Book Fight Club featuring Wendy Molyneux and Jen Kirkman at IOWEST.
· Cast of Kings opening for Gilby Clarke's Starf*ckers at Cat Club.