I'm not sure that McClellan knows this (he and I have never met or spoken), but PublicAffairs was at first skeptical when McClellan and his agent made their pitch. Doubtful enough that, says [PublicAffairs editor Lisa] Kaufman, founder/publisher Peter Osnos called around first, asking White House reporters what they thought of McClellan. "They told Peter that Scott was a straight shooter," says Kaufman. "That if he says he's going to tell the truth, he will tell the truth."

Obviously, I can't vouch for McClellan's veracity. I have, however, had a chance to read his book. And having also known and worked with Kaufman for several years, I can say this: "What Happened" was not, as Rove et al. have charged, written by his "New York editor." Stylistically, that is just not her voice on the page.

Of course, McClellan stands to earn some hefty residuals if his book keeps selling well, assuming the credulous former Bush mouthpiece has toughened up enough not to accept any B.S. from his publisher.