When you're irrelevant and have lost most of your audience and you say something stupid just so people will talk about you, are you pulling a "Rush Limbaugh" or is that an "Anne Coulter"? Anyway, the fat-headed drug addict radio host, Limbaugh, got a look at those Amazonian tribesman the other day and declared, "[T]hese savages are body painted in red and they're trying to shoot the airplane down with bows and arrows." What else did he say?

"Wait a minute. Why do we have to help protect the land of this tribe? Aren't they the essence of purity, according to the environmentalist communists? ... Why do we need to protect their land? They're doing a better job of it than any of us ever could protect our land. ... I mean, I'm sure these people — not only don't they have to get rid of their incandescent light bulbs and go to these compact fluorescents, they don't have light bulbs. They don't have electricity. They don't have running water. This is the ideal. These people need to be contacted. We need to learn from this civilization, because this is where we're all headed if the extreme environmentalist communists get their way." [MediaMatters]