Hillary Clinton's suicide cult followers trailed her all the way to Puerto Rico, where they celebrated the Democratic presidential candidate's two-to-one victory over Barack Obama by, once again, wearing stickers on their foreheads, this time at a rally/brainwashing session in San Juan. Only 10 percent of eligible Puerto Ricans bothered to show up at the polls, because they know pandering, disingenuous gringos when they see them . Clinton is, as predicted, using the victory as proof that she won the popular vote in the Democratic primary, an assertion that requires the counting of Clinton's dubious victories in Florida and Michigan. After the jump, a video in which two crazed Clinton cultists scream about the Democratic National Committee's decision to seat only half of the improperly elected delegates from those states.

It's good to see that both Democratic candidates are putting some of their most obnoxious supporters front and center on a consistent basis, just to make things a little easier for John McCain in the fall.