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A ban on drinking in London's subway system — the Tube, they call it — began on Sunday. On Saturday night, London's best drinkers gathered for a Circle Line Cocktail Party, also known as the Last Round on the Underground. Thousands attended, 17 were arrested, two police officers were assaulted and Mark Zuckerberg made it all happen. Reports say word of the the citywide cocktail party spread only after 26-year old London banker Alexandre Graham created a Facebook group called "Circle line party - last day of drinking on the Tube." Soon after, several other Facebook groups formed with plans to party as well. "The point of it was just to make fun of how ridiculous the ban is," Graham told the Evening Standard. "I hope I don’t get sacked," he added. (That's British for "fired.") Below, ten YouTube videos of "the Last Round On The Underground." Graham's employers at the Royal Bank of Scotland, will want to examine them closely before determining his fate.

Circle Line Tube Cocktail Party 31-05-08 Final Night

Circle Line Streaker - 31 May 2008 Tube Party

Underground circle line tube party 31st May 2008

Circle Line Tube Party - Liverpool Street - 31/05/08 - 3/4

The last drinking party in the London Underground ever.

"Boris is a wanker" chant

Party-goers play Twister on the tube.

Last tube party; guy getting arrested fight police

Guy Getting Arrested on the Last Round of the Underground

Cicle Line Party + Police With Attack Dogs