Like an old, scorned lover, Scott McClellan can't quite fully betray and repudiate the man who made him do awful things, George W. Bush. The former Bush press secretary has written a fairly extensive and blunt tell-all book about his time with the president, but he's still splitting hairs about what happened. So when McClellan found himself on the Daily Show, discussing the administration's hushing of the economic cost of the war in Iraq, he couldn't help but insist the cover-up was not "willful deception" but was the common practice of selective disclosure. Host Jon Stewart wasn't having any of it: "Somebody made a willful decision, 'don't talk about the price [of the war]...'" McClellan: "I don't think it was like that."

One would hope McClellan, given his former position, could make a more definitive statement about the administration's disclosure strategy, one way or the other. That he can't is one of many clues that the former flack is not the best person with whom to have a discussion of modern political ethics, as Stewart attempts to do in the following clip, by way of suggesting the administration may have committed war crimes.