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There have been rumors that morale is low at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia ever since the departure of Susan Lyne last month. Then there was news today that the company axed 25 employees, which most certainly didn't do much to lift spirits. But that certainly doesn't seem to be the mood at the company offices judging by the chipper employee photos that Martha has been posting to her blog lately. Martha's been hanging around the office quite a bit this summer (that is, when she's not playing with her air-conditioned tractor) and look at all these satisfied employees she found! This tech guy seems pretty happy—someone even bought him a fan to keep from overheating. How about this cool shuttle bus that ferries staffers to Grand Central? And these customer service reps all have smiles on their faces (although they might just be excited their jobs haven't been outsourced to India yet). So step off, naysayers. This time around, Martha is coming armed with proof.