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Ah, the mighty power list: However would we make sense of this chaotic, ever-shifting Hollywood deal-making world without your easy-to-digest, number-based ranking systems? Having already charted the quantifiable influence of showbiz's most powerful men, women, vagina-having men, and even babies, THR now turns to the previously untapped power-list category of interactive entertainment, ranking, with no lack of grandiosity, what they dub The Digital Power 50. Flinging down lightning bolts from atop Mt. Hollywood 2.0 sits master of the Hanna Montana-screensaver domain, Disney Interactive head Steve Wadsworth. Rounding out the top three are President of Fox Interactive Media Peter Levinsohn, and Chief Digital Officer (the most sci-fi corporate title ever) of NBC Universal, George Kliavkoff. Grand total of women in the Digital Power 50: 5. Number of Harvey Levins: 1. Babies: 0. We're certain you have passionate opinions on the list's omissions: Feel free to voice them in our highly interactive comments section.