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Aby Rosen has never been known as the best neighbor. Remember that nasty feud last year with fellow residents of the Upper East Side over the building he wanted to construct on Madison Avenue? It turns out he isn't very sensitive when it comes to his neighbors in the Hamptons either. An official spotted two of Rosen's sons (we're guessing that would be Charlie, pictured left, and Gaby, since his other two kids are babies) driving their ATV scooters in an endangered bird habitat, and notified the Southampton Village police. But Rosen wasn't about to take responsibility for his sons' intrusion on protected land that's home to the endangered piping plover: "Rosen advised the officer to take a hike and brazenly locked the offending vehicles in a garage after the cop threatened to impound them." The cop's response? "The officer then obtained a warrant to have Rosen arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing governmental administration."

So did Aby get carted off to the dark confines of the Southampton Village jail? No. He dealt with the situation just like any seasoned mogul. His lawyers intervened and took care of things.

Rosen even had some well-placed officials contact the Southampton Village court to have the warrant vacated in exchange for a promise to face the charge, according to a law-enforcement source. Records show the warrant was vacated July 29, one week after it was issued.

Problem solved! Now he just needs to prepare his defense for his Sept. 8th court appointment. And possibly consider taking away those ATVs from his kids.

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