Other than contemplate the ongoing federal probe over his prostitute habit, what does former Gov. Eliot Spitzer do with himself all day? Punches the clock at his dad's real estate company, it turns out. According to the Observer, Spitzer is poised to eventually take over for his father, who has been treated for Parkinson's disease. Of course, the job means hitting up bankers Spitzer relentlessly hounded as New York attorney general. How uncomfortable. Hopefully the former john has some experience handling embarrassing and awkward situations! At least he doesn't have to worry about real estate brokers and fellow owners, back-slapping types who apparently share Spitzer's taste for quality poontang:

"No one in the real estate world will, pardon my French, give a shit about the prostitutes... Guys in our industry, if he started attending real estate board functions, they'd get a kick out of it," said the consultant. "We live in this sort of perverted, celebrity-driven world."

Centerfolds just a few floors down from his desk.

Sounds like a supportive environment. What could possibly go wrong?