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Home renovations can be a nightmare for anyone, even super-secretive billionaires! Just ask Steve Feinberg and his wife Gisela, who paid $19.75 million for an East 67th Street townhouse in 2003. The Feinbergs estimated that they'd need to spend $5 million to make the home liveable. Five years later, remodeling costs have escalated to $15 million, the process has taken twice as long as expected, and the Feinbergs' feuds with contractors and construction firms has become "epic even by New York real-estate standards," writes the WSJ. The Feinbergs moved into the townhouse in December (even though they still don't have the certificate of occupancy required by the city). But the worst part of the ordeal? Worse than a unfinished kitchen or a few missing bathroom fixtures? That the pricey purchase has shattered the myth that the chief executive of $26 billion private equity firm is just an average Joe who drives a pick up truck, goes hunting on the weekend, and drinks Budweiser.