Many of the print publications we used to read regularly we now keep track of online. And every now and then, when we pick up a print edition, we feel like a huge giant! Because everything—everything!—has shrunk. (Pretty sure the New York Press is printed on a cocktail napkin now?) The olde New York Times is now one measly foot wide. They've also added a useless "table of contents" that takes up three A section pages. Many readers naturally assume that they are paying more for less "news" and more "summaries of news" and "plugs for the website." Vanity Fair compared three copies of the paper from 2008, 2007, and 1998, and it turns out that there are just as many square inches of column space devoted to news in all three! Thanks, of course, to significantly less space devoted to advertising, which is why they are laying everyone off, again. [VF]