If you're looking for something today, whether it's tacos, help with your startup or cocktails, we've got you covered — for free. Lunch 2.0 is happening over at Topix HQ today, where there will be a taco truck offering two hours of free taco goodness. After your taco coma, you can travel down to Google and watch a free talk on Gears, so you can say "client-side caching plugin for browsers" with confidence. The SFentrepreneur Challenge will give wantrepreneurs the American Idol treatment, so bring your pitch to the Westin St. Francis and you may win an audience. Fussing over how your customers found your site? Then drop by Web Analytics out in Dublin. For those looking for a party, The Owl Mag will be tying one on at Harlot with free red bull and vodka cocktails from 8 to 9 p.m.

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