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It isn't always easy being a billionaire. Especially if you happen to be Russian. Sure, you've got plenty of cash and you can afford spectacular estates in the South of France. But then some snooty maitre d' refuses to give you a table at a restaurant and your vacation is ruined! Yes, it seems the outrageous ostentatiousness of these mega-rich Russian invaders has rankled locals in Italy and France and they're showing their disdain the best way they know how: by denying them entrance to bars and restaurants.

The other night Roman Abramovich (whose $300 million yacht, Pelorus, is on the left) was snubbed by a posh bistro in Forte dei Marmi. Abramovich was reportedly so incensed to be turned away, he jumped on one of his other boats, the $90 million Le Grand Bleu, and headed off to Sardinia.

The derision entends to non-Russians fat cats as well: seedy Italian mogul Flavio Briatore was attacked by a bunch of locals as he disembarked from his yacht and had "sand and buckets of water" thrown at him. But there's no need to worry too much about your favorite oligarchs: People who travel on yachts with five chefs and 45 waiters tend not to go hungry.