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Don't you hate it when when this happens? You're a little suspicious that your wife is being faithful. So you install some spyware and lo and behold, she's "been living a dark secret life for several years as a submissive love slave to a dominant male partner in the BDSM world..." That's a glowing testimonial to PC Pandora, which provides handy surveillance of partners, employees, kids, or anyone whose computer you have access to, and is one of many programs servicing the needs of snoopers everywhere, reports Slate.

It's quite sad, really: The Anthony Pellicanos of this world will become extinct, as paranoia, jealousy and plain old voyeurism can be fueled not by chain-smoking men in raincoats, but by keystroke-recording applications that reveal the 50 times a day a person visits and symptoms.webmd. Or maybe that's just us?