Some of Hillary Clinton's crazy dead-enders, the sort of supporters who like to wear stickers on their foreheads, screamed criticisms of Barack Obama during Clinton's end-of-election speech Tuesday night, nearly interrupting her. Less privileged cultists vented their hysterics on Web forums like, where they said Obama "sounds like a donkey," only got into law school thanks to affirmative action and is a front for Islamic extremists. You can practically feel the Democratic party getting stronger. Some excerpts:

i really hate it when he yells thank you he looks really evil

For heaven's sake, he made the DNC give him affirmative action on Mich

delegates. Say what now, Harvard grad? This engineered victory spoils

it for everyone. I still believe the situation will come to right


He is thanking Michelle..I guess tomorrow he will throw her stupid ass

right under that bus..and he would also like to thank Hamas,

Hesbollah, Mahmoud Ahmadenejad, and Al Quada who all support him

throughout this campaign.

will this man stop saying "THANK YOU" so much. Sounds like a donkey.

"I will be the Democratic nominee"... lol, his sarcasm makes me laugh.

Kool-aid.... I'm Turning Off Now! ....He Is So Freakin' Scared Of Us!

I hope the Michelle Obama whitey tape is in every

european/american/world paper thursday morning.

somewhere, hamas and osama bin ladin are celebrating

I bet he wasnt even born in America...all his lies who knows whats true..

How did this guy get into Harvard? I'd like to see his LSAT scores. Oh yeah...affirmative action.

Of course, is independent of the Clinton campaign. But it's far from the only place ugly racial sentiment has emerged among Clinton supporters. Having bludgeoned Obama with racially-charged comments emanating from his Chicago church, Clinton has meanwhile allowed bigoted hatred to fester among too many of her own supporters.

It's shameful that the Democratic candidate has allowed so many of these comments to sprout during the campaign without serious rebuttal. If she doesn't do so now that Obama is the presumptive nominee, she may very well allow the Democratic base to be permanently split.

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