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Remember how we mentioned yesterday that Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich had been denied entry at a restaurant in Forte dei Marmi, Italy, and then fled on his boat, Le Grand Bleu, to Sardinia? The report came from the New York Post. (Our team of reporters in the Mediterranean has been diverted to cover the war between Russia and Georgia, naturally.) But Team Abramovich checked in with us anyway to explain that the story is categorically false. He hasn't been to Tuscany this week!

According to a spokesperson for Millhouse Capital, Abramovich's London-based holding company:

"Mr. Abramovich has been vacationing in Sardinia since he left from his home in Moscow at the beginning of last week. He has not visited Tuscany, and therefore could not have been turned away from this restaurant. Furthermore, he has not owned the yacht mentioned in the article, Le Grand Bleu, for over 3 years now. I do not know who is aboard Le Grand Bleu at present."