ABC News Investigative Series, 'Ewww: Icky, Icky Celebrity Gays,' Dares To Ask The Tough Gay-Panic Questions has noticed that practitioners of Hollywood's dirty little secret—same-sex love—have become increasingly emboldened in recent months, perhaps spurred on by Supreme Court rulings and increasingly desperate shock-starlets hoping to nudge up their per-staged-paparazzi-op asking prices. Their investigative team have therefore taken it upon themselves to blow the lid wide open on the distressing, "gay celebrities leading their lives openly and happily" trend currently plaguing the industry.

Following on the heels of their game-changing field report, "Stars' Gay Marriage Possible Career Suicide," the electronic news outlet now goes even deeper undercover to unmask "H'wood's Bisexual Double Standard: Hot for Girls, Gross for Guys"—a blistering, for-your-Pulitzer-consideration exposé that should ultimately allay your darkest, A Shot At Love with Andy Dick-greenlighting fears.