Michiko Kakatuni Puts Down Her Book, Glances At TV

When one pictures the New York Times' fearsome literary critic Michiko Kakutani at work, the scene is of a book-lined, slightly dusty apartment, with Kakutani frowning over the book in her lap, perhaps with pencil in hand, getting ready to eviscerate a new novel that disgraces itself in various ways. A TV is most definitely not flickering in the background. But it seems that this image of Casa Kakutani will have to be revised, as she apparently just watched TV for the first time!

She discovered a show, and a TV personality, that she was moved to tell the world about, lest audiences are unaware of this potent "emerging" cultural force. Yes, with an election looming, people are finally starting to take notice of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Doesn't ring a bell? It's on Comedy Central and, as Michiko reveals, it has a devoted following, is as influential as proper news shows, politicians willingly appear on it, and this Jon Stewart guy is quite the satirist. Thanks, Times, for bringing this to our attention, and do give Michi some more TV pieces: She's clearly got a knack for spotting talent.

Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America? [NYT]