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The Olsen Twins have been attached at the bony hip since first entering our living rooms as the painful-to-watch double duo of Michelle Tanner on Full House, during which they spent most of their first six years staring blandly into the camera and earning thigh-slapper after thigh-slapper off the laugh track. And right up until now, days before turning 19, both Mary Kate and Ashley have remained one seemingly inseparable force, designing their Row line together, co-operating Dualstar and even cohabitating in their New York party palace. But as the July issue of Elle reveals, all is not well in billionaire twinland. Mary Kate, either high on the scent of Christian Louboutin leather or suffering a brain fart after all the recent trapeze classes in China she blabs on and on about taking on a whim, spills a bit too much when it comes to the twins’ recent ...”differences.”

In the piece, MK spends most of her time discussing how incredibly eccentric and fabulous her style is, with designer Giambattista Valli popping in to let readers know he'd love nothing more than to just dress her up in a "fantastic sleeping bag," the "artsier" Olsen waffles a bit when asked about how she differs from her outwardly more formal sister Ashley: “'We don’t agree all the time...There’s such a strength, but that also makes it…' Her voice trails off. 'When there’s that much love there’s…' Again she stops. She gives me a wan smile." Oops! After the "wan smile," which we imagine looked very similar to that of those frizzy-haired troll tchotchkes we children of the 80s used to collect, MK parlays into an example: "I do know I can’t work in an office. Ashley, on the other hand, loves going to an office.” So essentially, MK and Ashley are growing apart because Mary Kate's "work" involves fleeing to the Far East to swing around on high bars, while Ashley, well, "works" in an office doing "work." Well done, Olsen Twins ... somehow, you managed to make the Kardashians look like a united front.

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