This photo-along with the headline "Peter Rabbit Must Die"-opens today's "Home and Garden" section of The New York Times. It's a piece on killing backyard pests such as adorable woodchucks and icky snakes, but the illustration has NYC's bunny-owning community screaming bloody murder. A tipster writes, "On Yahoo's nycbuns group, which is dedicated to the well-being of bunnies as well as the emotional disorders of their owners, the New York Times photo has provoked a wave of infuriated posts." One enraged bunner pleads, "everyone please inform the NYT that it is totally inappropriate to use a picture of a lop eared house rabbit for a story about killing garden pests. one would think these journalists making $200k a year would know better - yeah damn mad at them and sent a very nasty email." More bunny rage after the jump.

"i read the article in the new york times today and i think it is atrocious!!! This is one for Mary Cotter and Cindy to respond to. They made it sound like it was 'fun' to shoot or kill these animals. I am really surprised as the NY times!!! Horrible. What happened to respecting all life and learning to co exist! I am appalled!"

the story is No.2 most popular and has 350 comments... photo still
there, but at least is not on the homepage anymore. 

"i have also called (of course they don't answer calls) and e-mailed the public editor to demand the photo be taken down immediately. i cc'd my attorney and susan richmond of spca. would love to sue them for something like this if there was a way. you can reach the public editor Clark Hoyt, or
call 212.556.7652. the ignorance of using this photo really and truly astounds me."

"thanks sent letter to the public editor...In addition to removing the picture I asked for a retraction as well as a researched follow up article that appropriately honors the companionship House Rabbits provide to millions of humans. i certrainly hope HRS and all its chapters as well as Humane Society and local and national ASPCA use their influence and address this article as well. Although I was appalled by some of the comments in a way a bold reminder of the challenges other species face in the hands of many humans."