Battlestar Galactica Goo-Baths For All!

Hey so last night was that big important episode of the Sci-Fi Channel's space cotillion Battlestar Galactica. Are you just dying to find out what happened? So am I!

  • Huh? Where did that goo-bath come from? And why is the High-Bread Queen alive again? No fair!
  • Oh snap. Acid freak-out. Maybe President Lady MacDeath or Smokey Assistant Crazypants will tell me what's going on. No? Crap.
  • Pretty Asian Cyclon: "The High-Bread makes her own decisions." Can she decide to get Blonde Tomboy Space Girl out here pronto?
  • Prez MacDeath to Miami Vice: "You don't love people." Who could love people when your a person, you fracking windbag.
  • Now she wants to blow up all the goo-baths everywhere! And she is so sneaky and snakey about it!
  • Yay Xena! Yay slippery wet goo-bath Xena!!
  • Bleachy Cyclon tells Macho Borefaced Actorman that her space plane training is as good as anyone's and he's all, "The 24 I shot down prove otherwise." Crack his stupid head open with your robot strength, Bleachy! I love it when you do that!
  • MacDeath is imagining killing High-Bread baby. Hey, that's Pretty Asian Cyclon's vision, vision thief!
  • Um, Dr. Jesusface? You can't pull your psycho-babble crap on a Centurion. He's a straight-up robot, dumbass.
  • That Other Guy wants to find a Cyclon body, coz then he can find the goo-baths? I guess?
  • ATTACK! Ha! Didn't see that one coming, did you, Lady MacDeath? Have a vision of that next time, jerky!
  • Space fight! Space fight! Blow the Hub!
  • OMG! That big-ass metal robot is totally listening to Dr. Jesusface!
  • OMG! Xena is totally hot as balls!
  • Franken-Cyclon! Franken Cyclon!
  • You gave the access codes to the Cyclons?! You are soooo dead!