So Big Brown finished dead last in the Belmont Stakes today, failing to win the Triple Crown. But that's not the biggest news out of Belmont-to and from which the Long Island Rail Road has to ban alcohol every year when they hold the Stakes cause these horse race people are such scummy drunks. The big news? Gawker video editor Richard Blakeley was on the scene and sends this icky report.

"I had the great misfortune of going to The Belmont Stakes today. It

was a douchefest much like last year's. I waited in a long line to use the restroom for about 30 or so minutes and when I finally got to the front I overheard someone say, 'Hey look at that guy, he can't wait and he's just pissing in the trash bin." Just then someone else corrected him and said, 'Oh no, the bathrooms in the entire complex are out, this is the line to piss in the trash can.' It was at that point that the place started to look more like the convention center after Katrina.

"See attached photo of line men about 50 guys deep waiting to piss in

the 55 gallon drum. I feel sorry for whoever has to deal with that