Anne Hathaway can be so very dense. Her friend and fellow starlet Kate Hudson tried to warn the actress that her Italian boyfriend Rafaello Follieri was a loser, but Hathaway got pissed instead of listening. But the evidence keeps adding up. First he squandered tens of millions of Bill Clinton's dollars on penthouses and vacations when it was supposed to be used to redevelop Catholic properties. Then he got arrested for writing a $215,000 check against an account with $39 in it (to a PR firm no less — genius). Now his "Follieri Foundation," which supposedly vaccinates children in third-world countries, is under investigation by the state Attorney General for allegedly not filing basic tax-disclosure form. Now Anne's caught up in the mess because she used to sit on the foundation's board, probably because Follieri set it up to impress her and distract the winsome starlet from what a total scuzz he is. [Post]