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Many of us learned more than we needed to about that trendy college dorm infection known as pink eye from Knocked Up and Stephen Colbert. In the elegant Apatow flick, we learn that farting on pillows will cause it, and on a recent Colbert Report, Stephen noted that farting on your boss’s computer is not cool, because of the e. coli and the, well, okay we’re done. But sadly the itchy inflammation is in the headlines once again thanks to Anne Hathaway, who delighted reporters recently by recalling her snotty, puss-filled, tear-blubbering kissing scene with Steve Carell while shooting Get Smart. As she said to Steve at the time, “My eye is red, puffy and dripping green — I'm snotty, and I'm just like 'Come here!'” Though Anne blames the irritation on sinus problems and the like, we wouldn’t be surprised if Anne’s slime actually came from her slimeball of a beau, considering a piece in today’s NY Post reveals the lawbreaker is in trouble yet again:

As the Post reports today, Hathaway's gel-happy boyfriend Raffaello Follieri is under investigation by NY's Attorney General for undisclosed issues regarding one of the many charity organizations his Follieri Foundation. As you may recall, Raffaello was sued for bouncing a ginormous check for unpaid PR dues back in April. And just a over a year ago, celebrity groupie Ron Burkle claimed the greaser had used part of the billionaire playboy's investments in a Follieri church group to take Anne on private jets and essentially pay his way towards remaining her boyfriend. With today's news marking strike three on Follieri's shady financial rap sheet, we're not too upset that Anne still hasn't dumped the (inevitably jailbound) jerk; maybe, just maybe, the goopy eye bacteria that made its way into Steve's mouth also created a speed bump in Follieri's jet-setting schedule, too.

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