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Just in case you haven’t already sunk into a envy-induced stupor reading story after story on how much cash Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are spending on the Chosen Two, the NY Daily News chimes in today to ensure you finally succumb to full-fledged depression. On top of the reported $20 million the pair is spending on French villas, armed cars, and getaway helicopters, not to mention Brad’s uber-modern shopping spree on oddly shaped furnishings for said villas, the king and queen of Wombwatch Central are finally getting around to the nursery. And this is not just any other nursery — need we remind you, this haven will serve to protect the most important little girls ever born. And from the sound of it, Brangelina are well aware of this. The breakdown, including how much more dough these brats-to be are costing the pair via newborn necessities like chandeliers and cashmere toys, after the jump.

The News does not supply any details regarding the grandiosity of what lies inside Brangelina's temporary French compound (aka Base Camp 1 for the twins' delivery). But after reading about the following reported items Brad and Angelina have hand-picked for their LA compound, we're glad that information remains sealed. Among the outrageously ornate girly pieces: two pink crystal chandeliers, bassinets made out of organza to protect their soon-to-be-enormous heads, cribs said to be "Versailles-style," perhaps to trick these chickadees into thinking they're still on the Riviera, and matching armoires worth $4,500 each. Speaking of thousands of dollars, the room's decorating costs are said to total $140,000. Doesn't sound like much? Just take into consideration the doctors' fees these jewels will cost Brangelina once face-scratching Zahara gets a look at them. We can only hope that, rather than turning out to be outrageously spoiled self-important monsters, they turn out the way Fitzgerald said every girl ought to turn into: beautiful little fools.

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