's CEO off to jail

Dave Elms, CEO of, North America's largest escort-listings website, was arrested in Torrance, Calif. on June 4. Elms has a prior record including prostitution, drug, and firearms charges. This most recent arrest during a court appearance was on felony drug and weapons possession, according to a representative of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office. Internet-based escorts are now reevaluating their efforts to bring their own case against Elms for rape and extortion based on what they say is a pattern of removing escorts' reviews from his website until they have unprotected sex with him. As for the the future of the controversial site itself, which prospective clients rely on to vet women-for-hire, an anonymous escort writes in a tip to Valleywag, "If these people think TER wasn't being watched before this they're crazy." Anyone wanting to make Elms a visit in the Los Angeles Men's Central Jail can find the details below.'s CEO off to jail