Guess what? It's brown-out season! Power outages are expected across the Upper East Side tonight. DisasterReadyNYC—the scariest site on the Internet?—recommends filling your bathtub with water. Ha ha ha that won't protect you from the looters and Cloverfield monsters! NOTHING CAN. An Upper East Side hospital sent the following warning to its staff today, in case you need to hear it from Con Ed themselves:

Con Edison has notified us of a strain to its electrical grid and has asked us to curtail our power consumption where ever possible. Plant Operations is currently reducing power consumption where it is feasible but we need your help.


Turn off lights when not in use.

Close shades, blinds or drapery.

Raise thermostats to 75 degree set point where possible.

Turn off PC terminals, computer monitors, and PACs monitors that are not in use.

These simple actions will go a long way to reduce electrical consumption and the high heat load Plant Operations is contending with during this heat wave.

Thank you for your cooperation.

A city-wide outage would be great, sure, but it's not like we can sleep in this weather so why not continue rising and blogging each morning, sigh.

How are you coping with the heat? Send your tips and tricks to Gothamist and LEAVE US ALONE WE JUST WANT TO DIE.