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The San Francisco Bay Guardian's Susie Cagle went in search of that most elusive of user-generated content — actual good times at a Web 2.0 event. Her target: CupcakeCamp, a "crowd-sourced" bakeoff where Internet cool kids took pictures of one another eating cupcakes.

"It was a sugar marathon that would predictably peak in the middle in a weird haze of digital SLR flashbulbs, Twittering iPhones, and San Francisco body odor," wrote Cagle of the blogging, livestreaming, and actual tasting of cupcakes. "Apparently, it is more important to prove you were there than to actually have fun, which is especially ironic when you can't stop bitching loudly about 'the damn media.'" We have met the media, and it is us. We just haven't figured it out yet.

(Photo by SFBG)