· Tyra dubs Carnie Wilson's tabloid-documented weight battles "Carnie Wilson's War," mainly because every paparazzi shot of her eating an ice cream cone also features Tom Hanks engaging in witty repartee from behind a highball glass. [Tyra Show]
· The Golden Girls (minus Estelle Getty) reunited last night for the TV Land Awards. You know which episode was on the other week that we had totally forgotten about? The one where Rose thinks she's HIV positive for 72 hours, and Sophia draws an "R" on her coffee mugs! [Mollygood]
· What Hollywood's Next A-list feature would be complete without James McAvoy's overexposed turtle-face? [EW.com]
·We've seen some sexist attacks on Sex and the City, but this clucking SATC slumber party takes the cake. That said, we watched it for way longer than was really necessary. [YTMND]
· The LAT visits the set of Bitch Slap, a C-movie production proudly keeping the Russ Meyer aesthetic alive. [Hollywood Backlot]
·2 Girls, 1 Cup, and 1 Birthday Cake that will probably yield a record amount of leftovers. (Caution: Contains convincing icing-simulated poo.) [flickr via B3TA]