Oh wow! The feds are totally about to bust former Gov. Eliot Spitzer for, get this, sleeping with one or more prostitutes! What a coup. It seems federal prosecutors have lined up their third pimp-type cooperator in their case against Spitzer, Emperors Club VIP operator Mark Brener. Brener's deal follows similar cooperation from alleged madam Cecil Suwal (who doubled as Brener's girlfriend) and alleged booker Tameka Rachelle Lewis. There's supposedly one-more ringleader in negotiations, close to striking an agreement. Hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre and one other call girl are also testifying. The feds are salivating with excitement, since crafty Spitzer didn't say anything in his apology speech they can use against him in court:

Prosecutors have records of Spitzer's transactions, phone records and taped conversations with Emperors Club, and are confident they need little more to nail him on charges that could include violating prostitution laws and money laundering, sources said... Spitzer had to resign his office after the Feds caught him on tape making arrangements for a "date" with Dupre at a hotel in Washington, DC, on Feb. 13.

So the Feds are carefully lining up witnesses even though they already had Spitzer on tape, drove him from elected office and screwed up his marriage. Excellent: The goal here should be to drag this out as long as possible, and to ruin the maximum number of lives.

[Post, AP]