Newest Power Lesbian Couple In Town Give Lindsay And Sam A Run For Their Hickey

It's become clear that the one of the biggest trends of 2008 thus far is the emergence of lesbian chic. Girls can marry girls, starlets can publicly make out with their female roommates, and even though The L Word was canceled, its real-life L Word stars can still get it on with other lesbian cable stars. The two scissor-kick sisters in question? Well, one of our favorite indie actresses, Catherine Keener, has a little sister named Elizabeth, who starred in the Showtime series as Dawn Denbo. And while she's never publicly ‘fessed up to preferring ladies, those rumors have been an elephant in the collective lesbian community room for years. As for Keener's alleged makeout partner this past weekend, she's quite the opposite: she's loud and proud about being out. Details on Keener's game of tongue twister over the weekend, and who she played with, after the jump.

Newest Power Lesbian Couple In Town Give Lindsay And Sam A Run For Their Hickey

As Janet Charlton reports, Gay Pride weekend had such a buoying effect on Keener that the actress stepped out in public not one, not two, but three times with rumored new lady love Jackie Warner of Bravo's Work Out. According to sources, they were seen "passionately making out" on a sidewalk and held hands in two different clubs. Now don't get us wrong — we've spent many a Sunday eyes glued to the television during a marathon as Jackie and her impossibly gorgeous minions sweat their way from beach to hot tub to gym in their skivvies. But every time the "power lesbian" gets just the teensiest bit upset with one of her trainer slaves, she seems capable of crushing their beautiful heads to a pulp using a simple inner-thigh squeeze. Which, now that we think about it, may be a prime reason that this relationship appears to be blossoming.


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