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While Google's Marissa Mayer's instructions were for a new, tiny logo that would work well on cell phones, could there have been a subtle, even sub-conscious appeal to the many, many fans of Garth Brooks in America's heartland, where Mayer was born and raised? Her tastes run more to Dale Chihuly than Dale Earnhardt these days, but you can never quite take the country out of the girl. Because as commenter wikipin pointed out, the florid, lowercase "g" bears a striking similarity to a two-CD set of live concert recordings from the country music superstar.

As typography geeks will be quick to point out, it's not the same typeface. Still, I doubt Google will mind the comparison terribly — mobile device Web browsing is widely touted as the Internet for the masses. And if you want to monopolize the infobahn, you'll have to reach out to country music fans eventually.