Getting To Know Your Extreme-Fighting Children Of Legendary Hollywood Superproducers

Congratulations to Amanda Lucas, daughter of franchise-ruination-hastening Hollywood superproducer George Lucas, for having successfully completed her first public, mixed martial arts competitive bout in Auckland this weekend. From /

Amanda Lucas, the 27-year-old daughter of George Lucas, made her mixed martial arts debut in Auckland New Zealand on Saturday night under the stage name Amanda “Powerhouse” Lucas.

The billionaire filmmaker’s daughter took on Australian kickboxer Nicole Kavanagh in a 73kg MMA contest at the Auckland Boxing Association Stadium. Apparently Amanda, who appeared in minor cameo roles in the three Star Wars prequels, was a hip-hop teacher in San Francisco but had years of martial arts training including kickboxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian ju-jitsu. In the Star Wars films, Amanda appeared as a dancer in The Phantom Menace, an Outlander Club patron in Attack of the Clones, and Senator Terr Taneel in Revenge of the Sith.

We'll admit to not having been familiar with Amanda before stumbling upon this item, but now that they mention it, we knew there was something familiar about Sith's Senator Terr Taneel—some impalpable quality to the galactic stateswoman's warbly line-delivery and just the faintest hint of a burgeoning neck-wattle—that totally should have tipped us off to this sooner. In any case, we applaud Amanda's efforts, as we can think of no other superproducer spawn who would so boldly have undertaken this shit-kicking initiative.