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It's easy to forget that for every Hollywood Power List, there exists its neutered companion, the Hollywood Powerless List, filled with familiar faces who happen to be suffering temporarily—or in some cases terminally—from a career on ice. The most complete of these is the Film Threat Frigid List, but on the eve of their annual Celebrity 100 ranking—that "factors in both total earnings and an ability to generate buzz, as measured by TV, print and radio mentions"—Forbes now jumps into the chilled-celeb-ranking fray with a slideshow showcasing this year's "Drop-Offs."

While we have no doubt the writer's strike played havoc on production schedules, leading to the omission of a heavyweight like Tom Hanks, we fear Jessica Simpson $50-per-theater take on 2007's Blonde Ambition signals some kind of career-apocalypse foretelling. Farewell forever, Jessica! (Unless of course you achieve some kind of miraculous comeback, at which point we'll welcome you to the Hollywood Comeback 100 with open arms.)