Because the internet is a miraculous place where revenge fantasies come true , Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones are selling video of themselves chatting about former president Bill Clinton and his sexual predation. Flowers, you'll recall, described during Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign a 12-year affair with him, while Jones accused Clinton of exposing himself to her in a hotel room in 1991. Hence the interview segments — $1.99 each — entitled "Paula And The President's Penis" and "Gennifer's Story And The Presidential Penis." There are five other segments, meaning the full video will run you $14. But the Guardian gives it a limp review:

There is nothing revelatory about their deliberations, though its ability to embarrass all parties concerned should not be underestimated...

Jones recounts for the umpteenth time her disputed story about how she was summoned to a room in the Excelsior hotel in Arkansas, in May 1991...

Flowers says: "We have been accused of being part of a rightwing conspiracy. Are you part of that?"

Jones: "No I'm not. I'm conservative but I'm not a big political person. I can get on with anybody."

Having cleared that up, they end the videos with a hug. Jones tells Flowers: "You're just wonderful." A beautiful ending to a not so beautiful tale.

The Guardian said the video seems timed to embarrass Clinton at one of his lowest moments, when his angry statements on the campaign trail have helped torpedo his wife's presidential candidacy and just after rumors swirled the ex-president messed around with actress Gina Gershom.

But from a financial standpoint — surely more important to Jones and Flowers, at this point, than humiliating Clinton — the timing is disastrous. With Clinton's wife out of the presidential race and without any future role yet lined up, the public can finally ignore the Clintons, and old dirt about Bill seems even less relevant (and interesting) than it would have in, say, January.

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