• Matt Drudge, longtime nemesis who briefly was nicer to Clinton and then went back to completely hating on her. He recently "had the nerve to show up at Mrs. Clinton's departure speech on Saturday"
  • Chris Matthews, MSNBC host who said Clinton had succeeded thanks to her husband's infidelities and who called her staff "kneecappers" for seeking scalps over that comment and another allegedly misogynist statement from another MSNBC correspondent.
  • Keith Olbermann, who actually left MSNBC once over its aggressive coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal but who became disillusioned with Hillary and issued several "Special Commentaries" against her and Bill involving, in one case, the Clintons' alleged race-baiting of Barack Obama. He also maybe said Hillary should be beaten. Physically.
  • Todd Purdum of Vanity Fair. Duh.

At one point in time, being on the Clinton shit list might have meant you didn't get any favors from the White House or its federal agencies, and maybe also you committed "suicide" some day or had a terrible deadly "accident" on a deserted road. But what can the Clintons possibly do now? Cross your name of their hypothetical vice presidential inauguration list? Have David Brock hound you via Media Matters?

Besides, if Hillary ever makes another run at the White House, she'll make nice, just like she did with Richard Mellon Scaife and a million other people over the past year.