Here's a good sign the world is coming to an end: Edwina Rogers, the wife of lobbyist Ed Rogers, has a "wrapping room" in her 18,000-square-foot Washington manse (dubbed the "Republican Shangri-La) where she wraps her gifts in dollar bills. As in cash money that she picks up in huge sheets from the Bureau of Engraving. "The effect is fabulous, especially for foreigners. They love it," she tells the host of the show. (It's a pilot for NBC Universal, apparently.) Foreigners? As in poor people in third-world countries who are thrilled that the wrapping paper will permit them to eat for six months? Or Russian oligarchs and Saudi princes who'd paper their walls with U.S. currency if only it was colored gold, not green? Stupid question: Edwina is a big backer of John McCain. [WSJ/Wealth Report]