Press Hungry For Tatum O'Neal Relapse

  • Tatum O'Neal, recently busted for buying cocaine, is now attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. But Showbiz Spy reported the actress was spotted with "what looked like white wine" at a New York ballet gala. Showbiz Spy attributed the sighting to, but any mention of the wine has been scrubbed from the report. We found this picture of the event from Getty Images — totally looks like iced tea. Click the thumbnail for a larger shot.
  • Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is in a fight with Sarah Jessica Parker over who recognized who outside the Bloomberg Building, and which one of them bummed a cigarette. Dignified. [P6, NYM]
  • Michael Madsen, the actor from Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill, fought so loudly with his wife in a London hotel room that police were summoned. He ended up leaving in an ambulance with "cuts and bruises." [R&M]
  • Tricia Walsh-Smith, famous for ranting at her estranged, rich husband on YouTube, is now raging at her videographer. [P6]
  • NBC is supposedly close to paying $2 million for footage of Farrah Fawcett being treated for anal cancer. [P6]
  • Mariah Carey? Greedy about wedding gifts. [P6]