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With Angelina Jolie in her final trimester, the last few weeks have brought an onslaught of Exclusives! that turned out to be false terribles, Bloopers! from co-stars over-spilling details about the impending birth, and most recently, Intimate Details! regarding the exact coordinates and furnishings planned for the Chosen Two’s habitat. While all the murkiness adds up to a few simple assumed facts (the twins are girls, they will be born in France, and no, they have not been born yet), we still can’t help being fascinated with Brad’s inner architect distracting him from any fear he may be suffering regarding the fact that his nervously alluded to “soccer team” dream is kinda coming true. And when nerves and cold feet collide in the form of rumored disputes on how to decorate the girls’ nursery, there is only one person to solve the argument over “60s modern” or “classic European”: a psychic, of course. What “vibe” the all-knowing cosmic guide got from the pair, and an update on that Versailles monstrosity of a nursery after the jump.

As the NY Daily News reported earlier this week, the chichi baby boutique Petit Tresor blabbed to the press about how many pieces of furniture that the Most Important Couple Ever had purchased and how much they spent on what sounded like incredibly tacky pieces for the twins' very pink and sparkly nursery. But another source tells today's Scoop that the decision was actually a result of arguments between Brad and Angelina, who envisioned very different styles for the sugar plum fairies' living quarters: "'Brad wanted a nursery filled with furniture with ‘clean lines’ — sort of ’60s modern and lots of natural wood colors and whites...Angelina was much more interested in creating a classic European nursery.'” What to do? Order the boutique to enlist a psychic, of course! "'The psychic was to determine the ‘vibe’ of the twins.'...Apparently it was determined the vibe was more girly than modern." Since we tend to lean on the Agent Scully side of skepticism when it comes to predicting "vibes," we're thinking this all-knowing reader of thoughts inside one's womb was simply a full-fledged member of Lesbian Chic 2008, and sided with Jolie's more ostentatious vision after a few minutes staring ominously at her pillow lips.

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