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The maxim "all publicity is good publicity" will be sorely tested by the Observer's profile of Jeff Goldstein, the 32-year-old party promoter-turned-boutique owner who, despite a reasonably respectable pedigree—high school at Hunter, Skidmore, five years in banking, childhood friends with major namedroppability like Charlotte Ronson and Shoshanna Lonstein—apparently conducts himself like Willy Loman on roids. Potential customers to his store Blue & Cream are yelled at from the entrance, reports Irina Aleksander ("Hey, guys! This is a great men's and women's clothing store!") while he himself admits that "[s]ometimes I think I scare away people. I mean I don't even look like Mr. Fashion, I'm just a regular guy."

Goldstein's two stores, on Bowery and in East Hampton, sell designers like Zac Posen and Phillip Lim, display art, and serve as hang-outs for his fashionable peers like Ronson, who very conveniently happened to drop by while Aleksander was conducting the interview. But while his over-the-top shtick with customers may be a little overly friendly, Goldstein manages to show off his "abrasive" side, too: "This reporter's first interaction with him involved a hung-up phone and mentions of his lawyer."

Tempest in a T-Shirt! Blue & Cream Owner Whips Shoppers to a Froth [NYO]