Venture capitalist Tim Draper's daughter Jesse will soon launch a a new Web TV series called "Valley Girl." Watch the show's teaser, embedded here. It features awkward moments like Google CEO Eric Schmidt introducing himself as "I'm, like, Eric Schmidt" and angel investor Ron Conway doing the same. We're pleased as punch! Because with Julia Allison no longer driving traffic, we worried that the whole fameball phenomenon might be over. Turns out we just needed another pink-loving, camera-finding, ever-posing brunette with more ambition than sense to show us the way. Valleywag readers: Meet Jesse Draper. More videos and personal details, below.

Her favorite quotes:

Jesse: I feel bad for all the homeless people
Katharine: I know, they should all go to shelters
Jesse: But I think these are the homeless people who refuse to go to the shelters.
Katharine: Well then why don't we use them for genetic testing!

A longer trailer for her new show:

An interview about her show:

Her prior claim to fame, appearing on Nickelodeon's "The Naked Brothers Band" as Jesse Cook:

Jesse also does comedy. Sort of.