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The Palo Alto Neiman Marcus held a preview of the Oscar de la Renta fall collection for a San Francisco Symphony benefit, and we all know how much Google's Marissa Mayer loves her some de la Renta. So she showed up with boy toy Zack Bogue (far left) and Google senior UI designer Kerah Pelczarski (second from the right), who seems to play the role of Gayle King to Mayer's Oprah Winfrey.

I have to admit, the black-and-white dress with fringed hem she wore was downright tasteful! But Bogue, handsome as he may be, could dandy up just a bit — the dark suit, white shirt and light blue tie is pretty conservative, and looks like something well-gelled God-mayor Gavin Newsom wears nearly daily. I wouldn't recommend Bogue going over the top à la Mayer's fey friend Orkut Buyukkokten, but would it kill him to wear a pocket square to a fashion show? (Photos by Drew Altizer)